Data Recovery

The hard disk is a device in your computer which stores data permanently. It consists of magnetic storage and digital information.

Sometimes you accidentally erase your important data from the hard disk or the drive is damaged due to various possibilities. Do not panic if you have lost your data! Recovering data is a difficult process that usually takes time and needs resources to complete it successfully. We at Revival Solutions are providing reliable and cost effective hard disk data recovery service to restore your important data from all types of data loss and disaster situations. So you should not worry, we are just a call away!

Some common data loss situations that we face are:
- Drive is not initialized
- Data partition is corrupted
- Data is accidentally deleted/drive formatted
- Virus attacks/file corruptions
- Clicking/Beeping sound
- Drive not powering up or spinning
- Burnt PCB
- Data overwritten
- Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Failure