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If you are thinking of installing an office network for your business, Hat IT Services can design, install and configure your network to meet your requirements, and suit your budget.

Networks usually consist of workstations (desktop computers or laptops), network cabling and sockets, or wireless connections, a server or more than one server, network switches, routers and other configured equipment.

Other devices such as printers, scanners, and other peripherals can also be added to your network.

The greatest benefits of having an office network come from file sharing, where all users can access a central location for storage, updating and archive of files, shared access to printers, and also internet and email access to each computer.

Hat IT Services can plan and cost your network, install the cabling as required, provide wifi network access for laptops, configure and install your network server, and configure your existing desktop workstation or laptop computers to access the newly installed network.

Of course, we will then continue to support your network as necessary and provide any upgrades, expansion or modifications as required as your business needs change.