Remote Assistance

Hat IT Services remote assistance service allows customers to directly access a dedicated network of experts in real-time. This service not only helps diagnose and solve problems or breakdowns, but it can also initiate the rollout of new recipes or train operators wherever they are. The objective is always to ensure that Hat IT Services systems provide the best results at all times, by optimizing their operational potential.

To ensure security, the client must authorize the remote assistance service to connect up to the machines. To do that, they simply turn a key in the electrical control cabinet. The equipment then becomes accessible to Hat IT Services multilingual specialists who view the real-time operator interface or supervisor terminals, controllers, drives and automation systems. The service teams apply their multiple skills in mechanical and process engineering, as well as electrical and automation systems.

Remote assistance
The remote assistance system is standard on all Hat IT Services machines and lines and can be used during the warranty period. Following that, customers can choose to subscribe to annual fixed-rate remote assistance contracts.

For older equipment, our teams can provide upgrades, which then enable them to access to this service.

Choosing a yearly remote maintenance contract guarantees rapid response and limits production downtime.